Inserting and press-fitting technology

Fixtured insertion system PEB

Pneumatic drive

The PEB spindle series is used for insertion applications. The feed force is generated pneumatically. The spindle is highly suitable for single station and complex assembly systems. Different sizes are available depending on the size of the fastener and the required insertion forces. The quality of the insertion operation can be assessed by checking the depth and the insertion force.

Fixtured insertion system PEB
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Fixtured insertion system
Up to 10 kN process-safe press-fitting
Short cycle times due to automatic feeding and swivel arm technology
Intelligent control
Fixtured insertion system PEB

The automatic insertion system can implement fasteners such as pins, bolts or clips with a contact pressure up to 10 kN. The integrated controller and an automatic feed system ensure a high level of process reliability, short cycle times and long service lives.

Integrated head stroke for compact design
Swivel arm for short cycle times
  • Fixtured system for insertion applications up to 10 kN
  • Automatic feed system
  • Pneumatic drive
Inserting and press-fitting technology PEB WEBER

Technical data Insertion system PEB

Models Standard Reinforced
Inserting / press-in force (N) 50 – 600 up to 10.000
Weight (kg) approx. 2,5 approx. 15
Pneumatic drive (bar) 4 – 8 4 – 8


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Suitable for Inserting and press-fitting technology
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