Fixtured screwdriving systems

Fixtured screwdriving systems

For hard to reach screwdriving locations

Model SEV-E is a screwdriving spindle with vacuum technology that allows reliable accessing of even extremely recessed and hard-to-reach screwdriving locations. WEBER provides electronically controlled EC motors with integrated dynamic transducers. On request, customer-supplied drives will be installed.

Fixtured screwdriver SEV E WEBER
3D Preview 2D Preview
With automatic feeding system for screws and pins
For interference contours from 150 mm
Open slide design with pneumatic or electric bit stroke
For handling shank-heavy screws with swivel arm principle
For small spindle widths and lengths
SEV E Side view WEBER

Additional variability is achieved by various spindle models. Fasteners are fed automatically. To avoid cable breaks, the cables are routed in the energy chain. The fixtured screwdrivers have a modular design and are therefore easy to maintain.

Innovative product features
Swivel arm for short cycle times
Extra long vacuum bit for extremly deep screwdriving locations
Vacuum module for fixing screws at the bit durig the head stroke
  • Screwdriving spindle with vacuum technology that allows accessing of even extremely recessed and hard-to-reach screwdriving locations
  • Modular design, e.g. easy changes to other drives
  • Automatic feed system
  • Cable carrier to help avoid cable damage
  • High durability thanks to wear-resistant surfaces, even without lubrication (low oil operation)
Fixtured screwdriver SEV E Application WEBER

Technical data Fixtured screwdriver SEV-E

Models 03 10 30
Torque range (Nm) 0,3 – 3 1 – 10 3 – 30
Maximum rotation speed (rpm) 2.500 2.500 1.500
Head diameter (mm) 3 – 16 5 – 21 9 – 24
Weight pneumatic stroke (kg) approx. 13 approx. 15 approx. 24
Weight electical stroke (kg) approx. 19 approx. 21 approx. 30
Bit stroke – pneumatic / intern (mm) 300 350 300
Bit stroke – electrical / intern (mm) 350 350 350
Suitable for fixtured screwdriver systems
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