Control systems

Process controller C5S

Cost-efficient and energy-efficient

The C5S process controller executes simple screwdriving tasks. As a fully featured screwdriving controller with torque current measurement, it can be ideally complemented with the C15 and CU30 screwdriving controllers. The configurable programs can be selected and executed over a customer interface.

Control systems C5S WEBER
Simple screwdriving tasks with easy parameterization
Versatile screwdriving controller with good price-performance ratio
Compatible with all WEBER fixtured screwdrivers, as well as handheld screwdrivers type HET, HSE
Easy configuration and testing via PC software
Robust technology in a small format
Control systems C5S Application WEBER

Equipped with a robust EC motor, the C5S guarantees low-wear operation over the entire service life. The analog depth sensor and the drive control based on torque current offer a number of options for configuring a variety of different screwdriving applications. Provision for a modern emergency stop and user-friendly software complete the range of features of the C5S.

  • 15 programmes: programme selection via digital customer interface
  • 7 diagrams with configurable screwdriving strategies
  • Easy integration into assembly systems
  • Screwdriving process control for EC servo drives with screwdriving to current torque
  • LED status indicators
  • ESD compliant design
  • Emergency stop option according to performance level e (Cat. 4)
  • USB socket for PC connection for parameterisation of the screwdriving programmes / screwdriving strategies
C5S Backside WEBER

Technical data Process controller C5S

Voltage 230V / 50 – 60 Hz
Power class drives 100 / 400 / 750 Watt
Weight 7,8 kg
Dimensions (H/W/D) 266 / 152 / 332 mm
Interface digital, USB


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