Feeding systems

Step feeder ZEL

Low noise emissions

The ZEL feeds screws, nuts and pins and is gentle on the material. The system allows cycle rates as low as 0.8 seconds. A low-vibration outlet rail, which minimizes vibrations, enables processing of surface-coated and sensitive parts. This is a very important aspect particularly in terms of the requirements of technical cleanliness. Integrated sensors ensure high process reliability. The measures to reduce noise emissions are designed for noise protection at the workplace.

Feeding technology ZEL WEBER
Parts gentle conveying with little abrasion for technical cleanliness
Very low noise emissions
Bowl made of stainless steel (slider made of hardened tool steel or plastic)
High process reliability
Low susceptibility to soiling

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The reservoir for fasteners is made of stainless steel – the integrated slider of hardened tool steel or plastic. These surface characteristics reduce abrasion and prevent soiling. A belt bunker can be installed as an option.

Inlet control for separation
Escapement unit
Fasteners storage container
Lifting cylinder for gentle conveying of parts
  • Gentle conveying
  • Very low noise emissions
  • High output volume
  • Little abrasion, important for technical cleanliness
Automatic feeding of screws ZEL WEBER

Technical data Step feeder ZEL

Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Fill volume (ltr.) Fill (kg)
ZEL240 480 340 456 with SDH* approx. 60 with SDH* 1,2 4,0
ZEL360 640 536 602 with SDH* approx. 85 with SDH* 3,0 12,0
ZEL480 1296 1000 1141 with SDH* approx. 350 with SDH* 15,0 approx. 100,0

*SDH = Sound absorption hood; measurements in mm, technical modifications subject to change/upon agreement For particularly large fasteners we can produce custom-built solutions any time.

Pictures Step feeder ZEL


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