Handheld screwdriver

Handheld screwdrivers WEBER handheld screwdrivers combine ergonomics and variability in each model. The advantages of the electric and pneumatic handheld screwdrivers are obvious: highly flexible, powerful, and thanks to programmable control nearly 100 percent process-reliable. In addition, ergonomics and variability play a central role in manual fitting with handheld screwdrivers. Weber enables with its products – in particular thanks to their built-in bit stroke – fatigue-free working, while realizing high quantities in extremely short cycle times. Freedom in connection technology, as WEBER understands it.

Long Service Life thanks to wearresistant surfaces
Economically viable from 20,000 Scredriving operation per year
Maximum flexibility thanks to compact design
Low moving mass for short cycle times
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Handheld screwdriver HET

The HET handheld screw gun is a powerful screwdriving system with electric drive which is offered without a feed system. The open concept allows the use of different drives and controllers. Together with the C30S controller and the Bit-Box, this proves an unbeatable combination for flexible assembly workstations.

Handheld screwdriver HSE

The handheld automatic screwdrivers from the compact and lightweight HSE series are available in many variants to cover a wide range of applications. For systems with electric drive, the results of the assembly processes can be displayed on a touchscreen panel and output through an interface. The screwdrivers are used with an automatic screw feed system.

Handheld screwdriver HSP

The HSP handheld screwdriver from WEBER for screw applications combines a pneumatic drive and an automatic feed. It features a compact, lightweight design and high screw-in speed, enabling ergonomic and efficient work.

Electric handheld screwdrivers ESB

The car manufacturer “smart” summed it up perfectly: “reduce to the max”. The electric handheld screwdrivers from the ESB series are very compact handheld screwdrivers with electric drive. This screwdriving technology is particularly suitable for very small screws and less complex screwdriving applications.

Frequently asked questions about handheld screwdrivers!

Which torque can be applied to screwdriving processes using handheld screwdrivers?

The torque range for handheld screwdriving is 0.15 to 30 Nm. For torque values above 6 Nm, an HHG handling device is recommended for stabilizing.

When are handling devices used for a handheld screwdriver?

Handling devices are used to improve positioning accuracy, for position monitoring or for ergonomic reasons. Ergonomic reasons include relieving the operator of the weight of the handheld screwdriver during continuous use or providing support against the generated torque.

Which drive concepts are used for automated handheld screwdriving?

Depending on the application and customer requirements, pneumatic motors (HSP/HSV/HSD) or EC motors (HET/HSE) are used for automated handheld screwdriving.

How heavy is a handheld screwdriver?

A handheld system has a weight of 0.4 to 2.5 kg. An additional weight can apply for screwdrivers with feed system, due to the cables and hose guiding.

How can the process of handheld screwdriving be monitored?

On electric handheld screwdriving guns, torque and angle of rotation in the process are monitored by the controller, just as in fixtured screwdriving. On pneumatic screwdrivers, a shut-off clutch or friction clutch is used to terminate the screwdriving process at a defined torque.

What are handheld screwdrivers and fully automated handheld screwdriving?

A handheld screwdriver is a screwdriver which is held and actuated by an operator. The screwdriving process is started by manually actuating the trigger. Fully automated handheld screwdriving consists of a handheld screwdriver, a controller for process monitoring and an automatic feed system which allows short cycle times.

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