Fixtured screwdriving systems

Fixtured screwdriver SEM / SEK

For nuts and top-heavy screws

Similar to the handheld screwdrivers HSM and HSK, WEBER offers the SEM and SEK models in the fixtured screwdriving range. The SEM variant is suitable for use with DIN-compliant nuts, flanges and special nuts. Top-heavy screws can also be installed with the SEK variant. Both models use vacuum technology to reliably supply the fasteners and have automatic feed systems.

Fixtured screwdrivers SEM / SEK WEBER
3D Preview 2D Preview
With automatic feeding systems for nuts and top-heavy screws
For interference contours up to 150 mm
Screwdriving head ass‘y in pusher design with profile tube, feeding during screwdriving
For DIN-, flange- and application specific nuts SEM
Few moving masses

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Through a fixed drive module, the number of moving masses is significantly reduced on both models. A dynamic transducer enhances this design property further. Another compelling feature of the fixtured screwdrivers SEM and SEK is their use of a reversing gear module with a compact design.

Depth indicator for precise monitoring of screwdriving depth
Vacuum module for fixing nuts or top-heavy screws at the bit during the head stroke
Pusher module for process-reliable feeding of nuts and top-heavy screws
  • Screwdriving spindle with controlled and monitored pusher for top-heavy screws, flanges and special nuts
  • Automatic feed system with profiled feed tube
  • Pneumatic or electric drive
SEK Application WEBER

Technical data Fixtured screwdriver SEM / SEK

Models 03 10 30 60 120
Torque range (Nm) 0,3 – 3 1 – 10 3 – 30 6 – 60 12 – 120
Maximum rotation speed (rpm) 2.500 2.500 1.500 1.500 300
Head diameter – SEK (mm) 3 – 16 5 – 21 9 – 24 9 – 24 9 – 24
Nut size – SEM M2 – M4 M3 – M8 M5 – M10 M5 – M10 M5 – M10
Weight (kg) approx. 5 approx. 7 approx. 9 approx. 11 approx. 16
Pictures Fixtured screwdrivers SEM / SEK


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Suitable for fixtured screwdriver systems
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