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Electromobility is one of the great trends of the new millennium and is experiencing rapid development. The special challenge in the design of electric cars are the threaded connections on the battery packs which can carry a high voltage. Contact with live high-voltage components can be a danger to the health and life of employees. With the new spindle concept, WEBER has developed an innovative solution to ensure safety in the workplace.

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    Whitepaper for screwdriving technology in electromobility.
    High volt Battery Whitepaper WEBER

    Read our whitepaper for more information about the great comeback of the electric motor and the challenges involved in the series production of electric cars. You will learn about the innovative WEBER solutions for screwdriving processes on high-voltage batteries and lightweight materials and receive exciting insights into the latest technologies.

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    WEBER for the BMW i3

    The BMW i3 is a car with a fully electric drive from the BMW i brand which is ideally suited for everyday requirements thanks to its technologies. The WEBER screwdriving spindle SER30 with flexible drive concept produces reliable threaded connections on the battery tray and battery box of the BMW i3. Reduced abrasion and low noise emission were ensured by the ZEB360 bowl feeder with its abrasion-resistant surfaces and noise-insulated vibration technology, which is used to transport the small parts and fasteners. Discover exciting insights into the battery production for the BMW i3 here. Our screwdriving spindles can be seen in action at 5:06 minutes.

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