Screwdriver for lightweight robots HRC/LWR

The screwdriver for lightweight robots (LWR) with tool changer – SEV-P from 1.5 kg

Pick & place screwdriving applications for lightweight robots

The SEV-P is a tightening screwdriver without automatic feed system, designed for pick & place applications. WEBER vacuum technology allows the fastener to be fetched, guided reliably to the fastening point and fastened with the screwdriving spindle. Thanks to the extremely compact design, the 6 Nm spindle weighs just 1.5 kg. The screwdriver has a flange as per ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 and is therefore suitable for adaptation to a variety of different lightweight robots.

Fixtured screwdriver SEV P WEBER
3D Preview 2D Preview
Pick & Place screwdriver for lightweight robots
Application for lightweigth robots
Automatic tool change with tool identification system using RFID (read & write)
Force-controlled stroke and active depth measurement through optional head stroke slide
Screwdriving technology with tool changer system for working with a variety of fasteners

An expandable tool changing system allows a variety of different tools to be integrated, which can be used with different screwdriving programs as required. The great advantage lies in the option of fully automating assembly tasks for different fasteners.

Tool-changer system
EC servo power drive
Torque dynamic transducer MDG
Flange for lightweigth robots (LWR)
Screwdriving tool (optionally with vacuum)
  • Vacuum technology, for reliable connections even in recessed and hard-to-reach locations
  • Pick & place solution – fastener transported with vacuum
  • Robot adaptation with flange as per ISO 9409-1:2004
  • Versatile through modular design
  • Electric power drive
  • For use with collaborative lightweight or industrial robots
Screwdriver LBR SEV P Pick Place WEBER

Technical data Fixtured screwdriver SEV-P

Series SEV-P10 SEV-P30 SEV-P60
Torque range [Nm] 1 – 10 3 – 30 6 – 60
Max. rotation speed [rpm] 2.500 1.500 850
Head diameter [mm] / Nut size as needed as needed as needed
Weight with / without slide [kg] 4,6 | 3,5 9,5 | 8 20 | 14
Bit stroke (spindle intern) [mm] 5 5 10
Axial force intern bit stroke 5 5 5
Head stroke slide [mm] 50 50 125
Max. screw location recess [mm] 130 180 130
Axial force head stroke 50 50 125
Tool holding coupler 1/4“ 5/16“ 7/16“
*With direct drive Technical changes reserved.
Pictures Fixtured screwdriver SEV-P


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Suitable for fixtured screwdriver systems
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