Inserting and press-fitting technology

Connection technology can do more – WEBER offers more. Automation of assembly processes also includes inserting and press-fitting technology. WEBER offers innovative fixtured and handheld systems in this range. With the insertion and press-fitting units for pins, bolts or clips, permanent force-fitting or force- and form-fitting connections are realized. All systems have automatic feed systems or intelligent controllers and allow high process forces for setting or insertion. Quality control can be achieved during the joining process by a force-path monitoring system. The setting tools are pneumatically powered.

Long Service Life thanks to wearresistant surfaces
Pins, bolts or clips for force-or form-fitting connections
Maximum flexibility thanks to compact design
Low moving mass for short cycle times
Further information on Inserting and press-fitting technology

Fixtured insertion system PEB

The PEB spindle series is designed as a fixtured system and is used for press-fitting of fasteners. The feed force is produced pneumatically. Custom sizes are available for a wide range of applications. Quality control of the insertion operation is done by depth and optionally by force applied

Handheld system HPP

The handheld inserting and press-fitting system HPP is driven pneumatically. This noticeably improves the handling characteristics – the insertion forces are minimized. On the HPP, the automatically supplied fasteners are pushed into a hole or placed on a component

Frequently asked questions about setting and insertion systems!

How fast can elements be inserted in a fully automated system with a feed unit?

Cycle times from start – start <0.7 s are possible.

How can process reliability and quality be ensured on insertion or setting systems?

The process reliability of the insertion spindle and setting spindle is ensured with a comprehensive sensor system. Force–displacement monitoring, for example, is an important element of quality control.

What is the difference between setting and insertion?

Setting comprises joining technologies where the connection is achieved through gravity, force fitting or spring force. For insertion or pressing, on the other hand, joining elements or auxiliary joining elements undergo elastic deformation and force fitting prevents loosening of the connection.

How much setting force or insertion force can be achieved with the systems?

Handheld systems such as the HPP achieve up to 200 N, while a fixtured setting system such as the PEB can achieve up to 10 kN.

What is a an automated or fully automated setting or insertion unit?

Setting units or insertion units use pressure to create permanent force fitting or force and form fitting connections for pins, bolts or clips. An automated or fully automated setting or insertion system achieves an extremely short cycle time using automated feeding of the fasteners.

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