Fixtured screwdrivers

Fixtured screwdrivers SER / SEB

Fixtured screwdriver with flexible drive concept

Unparalleled flexibility is a shared feature of the fixtured screwdrivers SEB and SER. The modular design allows fast changeovers to other modules and drives. The screwdriving system SER features a screwdriver stroke – the head stroke is realized externally through a slide or robot. The screwdriving unit SEB additionally provides an integrated head stroke. SEB and SER are supplied with an automatic feed system.

Fixed drive modules

The fixtured screwdrivers SER and SEB can be equipped with pneumatic drives or electronically controlled EC motors. For the EC motors, a dynamic transducer for torque and rotational angle can be integrated in addition. Also optional: a redundant dynamic transducer. They are used, e.g., for category A fittings (“danger to life and limb”) in accordance with VDI/VDE 2862.