SEV-P: Three million (change) cycles – fully automated and without wear

Press information 05-2023 of 01.06.2023
WEBER improves flexibility and performance of Pick & Place screwdriving unit SEV-P | fully automated tool change with high speed and precision | three sizes available for use in robotics
LWR SEV P Screwdriver Robot WEBER

Wolfratshausen – WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH have revised their successful SEV-P model and offer a modified Pick & Place screwdriving unit – a solution that features fully automated tool changing. The SEV-P can place, change and pick up different tools with a speed of up to 500 mm/s. The screwdriving unit is converted for different screwdriving and joining scenarios within a few seconds – without any human intervention. The components of the SEV-P are designed for the spindle to execute up to three million change cycles. Comprehensive practical tests have shown that there were no appreciable signs of wear on the spindle, the tools and the tool station after this continuous operation. The high number of tool changes were executed reliably at all times.

Pick & Place spindle available in three sizes

WEBER offers these convincing features of the SEV-P in three different sizes: The smallest spindle is designed for lightweight construction robots (up to 3 kg handling load) and low torques (0.1 – 3 Nm). The medium spindle can implement torques between 3 and 30 Nm, while the largest spindle in the series is designed for up to 60 Nm and suitable for industrial robots. The tools are changed with two coupling halves – one in the the bearing block of the spindle, the other on the respective tool. During the coupling process, the two parts are linked or released using mechanical interlocking. The tools are connected to the bearing block with a robust hexagon head bolt and have a funnel-type design, to ensure secure seating in the bearing block and to transfer torques of up to 60 Nm. This connection type is particularly gentle on the material. When developing the SEV-P, WEBER focused primarily on customer requirements in connection with flexibility and different applications/locations. The SEV-P can be used with a WEBER feed system in combination with a Pick & Place separation (TPP), for example. If there is not enough space for installing a feed system in the assembly cell, an additional provision unit – also from WEBER – can be used.

Very easy handling, flexibility and maximum reliability

The various fasteners are picked and positioned with vacuum technology. This means that the fasteners are moved to the tool with negative pressure, positioned on the part and then installed. This makes it possible to process fasteners made of magnetic and non-magnetic materials. At the optionally available tool station, the SEV-P picks up the different tools in a fully automated process. The tool is equipped with a sensor system that indicates correct placement of the respective tool. The correct tools for the assembly process at hand are selected with a tool identification system that uses electromagnetic waves (RFID). The system uses previously assigned IDs to identify the tools to be used and uses them in all subsequent processes without errors. Finally, WEBER offers an optional slide for the SEV-P that takes on the movement of the bearing block towards and away from the part to be joined. This is particularly beneficial for smaller robots that do not have enough power for feeding the screw. The sensor system of this slide also includes a depth measurement for monitoring the screw installation depth.


Cost-effective and time-efficient working

The advantages of the fully automated tool changer system on the SEV-P are obvious: In robot-assisted assembly, the high level of flexibility of continuous tool changing allows an unlimited number of different tools to be used for different work steps. Compared to traditional manual tool changes, these processes save a substantial amount of time while also being completely error-free and reliable. At the same time, no feed hoses and cables are required in the assembly cell, preventing collisions or accidents. Nóra Erdei, Product Manager at WEBER: “With the modular SEV-P, we offer our customers a freely configurable system that will be used in particular in the fields of application linked to e-mobility. This allows WEBER to make a crucial contribution to increasing efficiency and optimising assembly and joining processes.”

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