Screwdriving technology for automotive and body construction – Innovation and Efficiency at WEBER

Advantages of Screwdriving Technology for Automotive

Maximum Efficiency Through Cycle Time Optimization

By optimizing our system’s workflow, you significantly increase your efficiency. During the screwdriving process, the next screw is already being fed, leading to enormous time savings – as well as finding the engagement feature before the process starts.


Precise Control and Monitoring of All Processes

We prioritize the highest level of quality in screwdriving. With the modern and real-time capable WEBER screwdriving process control, we can precisely switch between individual process stages. In addition to our flexible, user-friendly programming, we use precise analyses (screw curves, result and error lists, etc.).




Optimized Screwdriving Programs for the Automotive Industry

Our flexible screwdriving programs enable precise adjustment to your material combinations. The WEBER-patented depth gradient ensures accurate stage switching, resulting in high-quality connections.

Achieving Technical Cleanliness with Modern Feeding Technology

Our automated WEBER feeding technology transports screws and other fastening elements to the correct joining point in a clean and efficient manner. Feeding technology at WEBER means the highest technical cleanliness. For particularly cycle time-critical applications, a high-speed feed can be used.




Two Technologies in Automotive Screwdriving

Flow Drill Screwdriving Technology

Blind Rivet Nut System

Flow Drill Screws on Cars

Our flow drilling system is used on all parts of the body. This includes the underbody, all car doors, and all attached parts. Our screwdriving technology is suitable for a wide range of materials, from steel to aluminum, as well as all material combinations including fiber-reinforced plastics and more. The technology of flow drill screws effectively supports major trends such as lightweight construction, mixed construction methods, and CO2 reduction. We offer you the highest reliability, regular maintenance, and precise information on all service life. Our quality controls include detailed data on parameters such as torque, screwing depth, speed, and angle.

Blind Rivet Nut System in the Automotive Sector

We primarily use the blind rivet nut system for screwing battery boxes in e-mobility, but also in body construction. Especially with single-sided accessibility, this system offers an advantage when detachable connections are needed in sheet metal constructions with thin to medium sheet thicknesses. Interested in learning more about setting blind rivet nuts? Feel free to read our comprehensive guide.


Discover the Future of Body Construction NOW!
Our video: Joining technology flow drilling screws

At WEBER, we stand for the most advanced joining technology in the automotive sector. Our solutions are used in body construction as well as battery assembly. Whether it’s flow drill screw connections or blind rivet nut systems, our proven system technology ensures reliability, accuracy, and the highest quality assurance.

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    Frequently asked questions and answers about screwdriving technology for the automotive industry

    How does WEBER technology contribute to quality control in automotive production?

    With our screwdriving process control, we closely monitor and regulate the screwdriving process. All preset parameters such as speed and angle, torque, and screw depth are precisely maintained. With this control, we can evaluate all joint connections and manage the system. Control includes the axial movements of the screw spindle, the feeding of screws, nuts, blind rivets, etc. (i.e., all fasteners), and communication with peripheral devices.



    How does WEBER technology contribute to increasing overall efficiency in automotive production?

    With high-speed feeding and simultaneous screwdriving, you significantly increase the efficiency of your screwdriving processes. Additionally, we precisely align the screwdriving technology in your automotive sector with the geometry of the screws being used. Save time and costs in your production processes with our WEBER automation technology.

    What specialized tools does WEBER fffer for precise work in confined spaces?

    For confined spaces, the following options are available for flow drilling screws: 1. Compact spindle design (drive with bevel gear): flexibly interchangeable with the standard straight drive 2. Extra slim geometry at the tool head.

    Do you provide documentation of the screwdriving results?

    Yes. You will receive comprehensive documentation of our applied screwdriving processes. This includes relevant parameters such as torque, screw depth, and angle. Documenting your data is essential for quality controls and assurance. Especially in the automotive sector, it serves as a basis for warranties, guarantees, and product liabilities. We document all screwdriving operations clearly and thoroughly for you.


    How quickly can WEBER screwdriving systems complete a screwdriving task in the automotive sector?

    Our screwdriving systems fasten standard screws (M4, M5, M6) in 1-2 seconds. One of the advantages of our WEBER screwdriving system is the rapid sequential fastening of multiple screws. With this optimized process, you increase your efficiency and save a significant amount of time. While one screw is being fastened, the next one is already being fed. Click here to see exactly how our feeding technology works.


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