A contract with the future

Press information 2016/09

Wolfratshausen – “We are investing in new technologies – investments in its own young managerial talent are just as important for WEBER”, notes Karl Bujnowski, CEO of WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH, at the start of the new training year.

Six new apprentices started their apprentice as of September 1 and will be trained as mechatronics engineers, industrial or cutting machine operators as well as technical product designers over the next three and a half years; professions with a future which offer the best prospects for the young people.

The topic of youth development and own training has been of central significance for WEBER since the company was founded. In times where there is an imminent lack of specialist staff, this field is becoming increasingly important in order to remain internationally competitive. WEBER guarantees its future capacity in a number of ways with its own training. Bujnowski: “We are not just giving a group of six young people – which pleasingly includes a young woman – the best possible start to their professional career. We also safeguarding our location – our further development as a whole. As the following years will be colored by the struggle to get the best minds, the best technicians and the most committed employees”.

In this way, WEBER is also placing importance on not only conveying specialist knowledge to its young people. Werner Späth, Head of Training at WEBER, adds: “Our concern is to develop these young people into team players. They must benefit from our highly specialized training on the other hand, and become a part of a committed operational community on the other. For this reason, we also teach key competencies such as the capacity for teamwork, professionalism and personal initiative”.

The concept of consistent youth development is paying off: WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH is one of the most attractive training companies and employers in the region. “A location advantage for both Wolfratshausen and WEBER – if you want to view it this way, a mutually advantageous contract with the future”, says Bujnowski.

BU: Marco Manhart (technical product designer), Julia Meier (cutting machine operator), Fabian Dürr (industrial mechanic), Xaver Hochstraßer (cutting machine operator), Raphael Stumpf (mecatronic mechanic), Dominik Gerber (industrial mechanic) – f.l.t.r.

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