Screwdriving and assembly cell SMZ

Compact solution for demanding assembly solutions

With the SMZ WEBER offers a compact system solution for complex assembly tasks. The SMZ is available in three different widths and has a flexible front loading system that allows manual loading as well as integration into a production line. Screwdriving and setting spindles can be installed as 2- or 3-axis systems. The SMZ is equipped with a process-safe positioning system.

Ergonomics and expandability

Maintenance work as well as loading and operation have been optimized under ergonomic aspects. Almost all work can be carried out from the front. Several assembly cells can be arranged directly next to each other. All processes are visualized via a touch display; all common interfaces are integrated. In the Ergo-SMZ version, the assembly cell can be supplied with a height-adjustable drive. This offers the operating personnel different heights for standing or seated workplaces.

Screwdriving And Assembly Cell SMZ WEBER