Feeding technology

Bowl feeder ZER for complex parts

Standardized basis

The ZER is a standardized feeding unit for correctly positioned, separated provision of bulk goods in automated production or assembly. The ZER is a system with dual mass oscillator. Oscillating, helical movements are used to move the fasteners (e.g. screws/bolts, nuts, pins) on the helically rising conveyor spiral or along the tooling. The ZER can be ordered with right-hand or left-hand rotation and is equipped with integrated discharge for quick changes of the bulk material.

Highly flexible tooling

The feeding unit is equipped with a tool for the specific product. The tools can be manufactured within a few days after simulation of the bulk material behavior and can be changed within two minutes. A multiphysics simulation and 3D deep learning AI technology are used to calculate the optimum geometry for each tool. This ensures congruence between the technical simulation of the feeding process and the actual behavior of the assembly parts in practical application. The transfer of the bulk material to the linear line is therefore completely free from disturbances. The linked escapement unit then automatically transfers the bulk material to the connected systems.

Bowl Feeder ZER For Complex Parts WEBER 02 CAD